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scapegrace n : a reckless and unprincipled reprobate [syn: black sheep]

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From scape + grace.


  • a UK /ˈskeɪpgɹeɪs/


  1. A wild and reckless person (especially a boy); a scoundrel.
    • 1992, Moncrieff/Kilmartin/Enright, translating Marcel Proust, Swann's Way, Folio Society 2005, p. 148:
      And this lad, who was rightly regarded as a scapegrace, was so abounding in that spirit which had served to decorate the porch of Saint-André-des-Champs [...], that when he bent down to raise my aunt's head from her pillow, he wore the same naïve and zealous mien as the little angels in the bas-reliefs [...].


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

backslider, bad boy, bad egg, bad lot, black sheep, booger, buffoon, bugger, cutup, degenerate, devil, elf, enfant terrible, fallen angel, funmaker, good-for-nothing, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, imp, joker, jokester, knave, lecher, little devil, little monkey, little rascal, lost sheep, lost soul, minx, mischief, mischief-maker, miscreant, no-good, pervert, pimp, pixie, practical joker, prankster, profligate, puck, rapscallion, rascal, recidivist, recreant, reprobate, rogue, rounder, rowdy, ruffian, scamp, sorry lot, trollop, wag, waster, whore
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